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Short-Handed On the Line? Automate.

Corrotec can retrofit your existing system, or even small pieces of it, to supplement a limited staff.

We are hearing the same story from all over the industry; finishers are struggling to get work out the door because they cannot find enough qualified people to run their lines.

If you’re having trouble hiring and retaining line operators, you’re not alone. With no end to the labor shortage in sight, finishers must find a way to operate. Consider automating to augment your staff.

Corrotec has a long history of automating manual systems. Automating an existing system is not as expensive as it used to be and offers repeatability, safety, and data collection.

Retrofits can often be completed in a few days, with pre-work done around ongoing operations that cannot afford downtime.

Don’t want to automate the whole line? Corrotec can automate select components and auxiliary equipment on existing systems. Consider automating your barrel load/unload, adding automated shuttles, or remotely sampling and dosing chemistry off-line.

Whether automating the whole line, or some portion of it, projects that seemed expensive just a year ago are now justified in ROI calculations due to higher wages and the difficulty in finding and retaining people to run the line.

Call us to discuss; we are here to solve problems. Together.


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