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Reliability, repeatability, and flexibility are the hallmarks of our finishing systems.

Corrotec is a complete systems integrator, designing, fabricating, installing, and servicing equipment built with simple to operate, flexible control software, data recording, IIOT integration, and outputs to tie into plant information systems.

RFID and other data-logging options documenting process parameters, from load to unload.

Remote Chemical Dosing systems to sample and add chemistry without touching chemistry and keeping personnel off the line. 

Remote access, with local access control, available to keep your machine uptime up.

IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Reporting using connected sensors and components enables preventative and predictive maintenance, and detailed historical data. 

Safety guarding, area sensors, light curtains, rollaway load/unload doors, and enclosure options to help keep people, chemicals, contaminants, and airflow safely where each of them belong.

Common aerospace applications include:

•Aluminum Anodizing

•Titanium Anodizing

•Chrome, Gold, Nickel, Cadmium, and Copper processes

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