Corrotec provides a full line of hoists:

  • 1,000 – 10,000 lb Capacity

  • 316L SS Column & Trim

  • Lift Mechanism – Belt Lift

  • 0-60 FPM Lift

  • Direct Drive Transfer

  • 0-200 FPM Transfer

  • Solid State Electronics

  • Minimized Maintenance

  • Field Proven Design on Hundreds of Applications

Hoist Automation Features

  • Laser Based Horizontal Positioning For Hoist

  • Manual, Semi-automatic And Automatic Hoist Operation

  • Silent Cable Carrier (Cat Track)

  • Variable Frequency Drive System For Hoist Lift/Lower

  • Slack Cable Safeties

  • Station Occupied Sensor

  • Load/Unload Area Safeties

  • Hoist Collision Safeties

  • Shuttle Interlocks

  • Hoist End-of-Track Safeties

Small footprint, low ceilings, and precision finishing are the keys to side arm systems.



  • Racks weighting 25 to 1,000 lbs ideal for this application. 

  • Run one or multiple transporters. 

  • Throughput same or better than overhead systems.


  • Fits in plants with low ceilings and limited floor space. 

  • Often can be module-mounted for fast installation and startup.


  • Operating software available in a wide array of flexibility and complexity.

  • RFID, Data logging, IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), sensors, and related technology all supported. 


  • Light curtains, area sensors, and hard guarding limit access to critical areas, without impeding production.

  • Small size and open platform give easy access to service items outside of operating window.

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Corrotec Side Arm Hoist
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