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Short-Handed in Maintenance? Corrotec can help.

A common theme we have noticed from all over the industry is that finishers are busy, but are struggling to get work out the door. One reason we hear repeatedly is that they do not have enough maintenance staff to keep aging systems running.

Corrotec can inspect, troubleshoot, repair, or perform preventative maintenance on many types of surface finishing systems.

This can be a one-time visit, or a recurring series at regular intervals. Often, we can spot issues before they become serious, repair current problems, and our inspections serve as a roadmap for future service or maintenance. We also bring extensive equipment expertise and can point out where you can modify existing equipment to make it more reliable, safer, or easier to maintain.

If HMI/PLC, or load/unload stations are an issue, we can update recipes and input systems in many software and PLC platforms to make operating your machine simpler and more efficient.

Call us to discuss; we are here to solve problems. Together.


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