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Short-Handed in Industrial Wastewater Treatment? Upgrade Controls.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Upgrade PLC-Based Controls to Software-Based Touchscreen HMI Control. Older systems are often based in outdated, discontinued, and inflexible software. Typically, that means operators must know how to “make it work”, how to use proprietary software, and the quirks of the system. All of this means operator experience is a big deal. In today’s labor market, that can be a problem.

Today’s control software does not require deep knowledge of the software or WWT process. It also does not require an entirely new system; Corrotec can retrofit controls on an existing system. Retrofits or add-ons are typically less expensive than a new system, and pre-work can be done around the current system while operating, which means far less downtime for the changeover.

Data recording (pH, discharge volume, etc), remote access, and alarms sent to your email or cell phone provide peace of mind that things are running as planned, and reduce reliance on a person knowing when specific metrics are out of spec.

Dosing the right amount of chemistry into the WWT system is critical to getting to good water out the door. Keep employees and chemistry separate, automate adds, and alert yourself before out of spec water leaves the plant. Upgrading to a software-based HMI touchscreen on a Remote Chemical Dosing Module allows operators to push a button to add a specific amount of chemical based on need, or an automated dose based on time, flow, or system data (pH, ORP, etc). This is done using simple but flexible off-the-shelf control software that requires less operator knowledge of the process or program than typical manual systems.

Upgrading controls in WWT improves reliability, safety, and peace of mind, while requiring fewer experienced operators on the floor.

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